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life with purpose and impact

Retirement Planning

  • Pre-retirement Analysis
  • Post-retirement Analysis
  • Pension Maximization Strategies
  • Annuitization Strategies
  • Estate Planning Analysis

Asset Management

Unique and comprehensive investment process that:

  • Allows for complete understanding of client’s goals and objectives
  • Measures comfort with volatility – illustrates in actual dollars, the “worse case” scenario providing real life potential outcomes
  • Aligns investment strategy to fund life of purpose and significance
  • Allows clients to be free to focus on what is most important to them

Tax Planning

  • Tax Efficient Investment Management
  • Tax Reducing Strategies
  • Gain/Loss Harvesting Strategies

Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning Analysis
  • Trust Fund Management
  • Estate-Tax Funding Strategies
  • Unique Gifting Strategies
  • Family Wealth Planning

Business Owner Services

  • Professional Cash Management
    • Traditional and non-traditional cash management strategies
  • Business Transitioning
    • Maximize business value
    • Sell an existing business
    • Moving into a different position
    • Pass-down strategies
  • Executive Planning
    • Incorporating private and public stock holdings

Education Planning

  • Cost Analysis
  • Funding Strategies (529 plans, Education IRA’s, UGMA accounts)

Risk Management

  • Life Insurance – Term, Universal and Variable Life
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long – Term Care Insurance

Liability Management

  • Analysis of impact of debt
  • Provide a debt management strategy that minimizes or eliminates cost of debt

Legacy Planning

  • Making a difference in the lives of others (family, community, national and global impact)
  • Closely integrated with the estate planning process
  • Client’s plan is aligned and fully supports the impact they want during their lifetime and after

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Investment Strategies for Growth
  • Investment Strategies for Income

Strategic Philanthropy