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How We Work With You

Integrated Approach

Comprehensive, integrated and interactive financial planning is at the heart of everything we do. We begin with a complete inventory of all your resources, a comprehensive discussion of your values, goals and objectives for you, your family and your community. We work with our client’s other advisors including: CPA, attorney, stock broker, trust officers, insurance agents and any other professionals that are needed to build an integrated road map to your economic future.


When it comes to comprehensive wealth management this is often very true. There are so many complexities that affect you, your family, and your planning. To have FCM as your wealth advisor will enhance your ability to navigate the uncertainties of life. We have helped thousands of clients manage the challenges of investing, estate planning, tax planning and the myriad of unplanned events that come our way. Our collective experience becomes YOUR powerful tool on the path to achieving your dreams.


Goals-based planning is a basis for all recommendations. Once a properly allocated portfolio is constructed in the best interest of the client, it is continually monitored to ensure it is on track to meet the end goals.  We develop sophisticated financial plans that will estimate how long your savings will last and/or what your savings should be to comfortably reach your goal.  

Risk Tolerance & Asset Management

We realize that life has unexpected challenges and those life events can have an impact on a client’s risk tolerance and objectives.  We re-asses risk tolerance and evaluate the current financial plan for any necessary changes, annually or as needed. We gather necessary data for all assets, liabilities, risk management, estate and tax-related documents to ensure that our planning process encompasses all complex life situations and resources. We use all the data to engage with our clients in the planning process to align their goals with the best investment options. Portfolio decisions are made through the lens of your financial plan. We will never make portfolio suggestions without first discussing your goals. 


We diversify across a broad spectrum of asset classes that include US and non-US equities, fixed income, real estate, alternative assets and liquid cash.  We also build protection hedges into many of our portfolios to provide clients a source of secure and stable income and principal protection. Custom models are tailored to each client situation based on the best risk adjusted returns. Assets are then allocated across the models and are supplemented with satellite positions as warranted based on the client’s situation.

Lower Cost Investments

We focus on finding investments with strong track records and below-average expenses. Our unique approach to asset management enables us to provide a diverse set of investments. We use asset allocation, model portfolios, complemented by satellite positions when selecting investments for clients. At every client meeting we discuss their individual holdings and make adjustments as needed. Investment markets and conditions are monitored daily for opportunity, disruption, or unusual activity.

Long-term Perspective

Our financial planning and investment process involves four basic steps: Identification, Research, Strategy and Monitoring.  The first step is to clearly identify and match your long-term goals with your risk tolerance. FCM then uses Morningstar® and other resources to research and analyze funds, stock and general market data to assist in developing a strategic plan tailored to your investment objectives. Once a model is developed and put in place it is then monitored quarterly to ensure it is meeting your goals.

Business Owners

Owning and operating a business of your own takes all your time.  You need a coach to help you stay on track, and to help you assure you focus on the following key items:

  • Business value wealth creation
  • Successful business wealth transfer
  • Business owner financial success
  • Tax minimization/elimination
  • Maximum legacy planning
  • Continuous business readiness for life events

Fiduciary Status

We act in the best interests of our clients, and to put your interests above our own.