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Family Capital Management was formed in 1999 as a wealth management firm that is independent and objective in our advice to clients. Because we don’t represent a company or brokerage firm, we are free to work with our clients to identify the best financial solutions tailored to their situation. We are primarily fee based in our relationship model with our clients which allows us to think and act independently of Wall Street and to bring forward the best solutions tailored to our client’s needs and desires.

Our passionate and experienced team of professional help our clients reach their full potential by asking important questions like:

How much is enough for you to maintain your desired standard of living?

How much is appropriate for your heirs and others you would like to bless?

What can you do with any excess to bless the community and the world beyond your family?

Our staff will bring order to your financial life. We will help you make informed, logical decisions that are not driven by emotion or misinformation and encourage you to follow through on your commitments. We are invested in partnering with our clients to help you achieve all of your most important goals and objectives.

Planning for a purpose-filled and meaningful retirement takes focus, experience and a proven trac record. We have helped hundreds of people retire successfully since 1981.  Retirement is one of the major life events, if not THE major life event requiring planning-not only for financial preparedness, but for all aspects of retirement life. <link to complimentary copy of “Purpose-Filled Retirement”>