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We are called Family Capital Management for a reason. Virtually every financial decision affects an entire family, not just an individual. FCM can help you optimize and protect the complex, interdependent financial lives of your entire family.


Planning for a purpose-filled and meaningful retirement takes focus, experience and a proven track record. We have helped hundreds of people retire successfully since 1981. Retirement is one of the major life events, if not THE major life event requiring planning-not only for financial preparedness, but for all the aspects of retirement life. 

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FCM is a West Michigan firm with years of experience in comprehensive financial planning.  We stay on top of shifting markets in this volatile economy. Professional planning and responsive management is the best way to build security and find opportunities for growth in areas where the future looks strong.

A Plan as Unique as Your Fingerprint


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FCM will help you design a financial plan that achieves your goals, your lifestyle and your comfort level, whether you seek a steady income and security or high-potential instruments that have more risk; a plan as unique as your fingerprint.  Want to know where you stand?  Revolutionize the way you manage your financial life with emoney, a powerful new tool that instantly displays the current status of your  individualized plan on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Your information is protected and secure, but is available to you anywhere, at any time.

Personal, Friendly, Professional Service

Walk into our office. Talk to members of the FCM team. We're a local company, proud of its years of customer loyalty and satisfaction. We've earned that loyalty by meeting the individual needs of each person who works with us.