Our Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Investment Management

            Portfolio Analysis
            Asset Allocation Analysis
            Investment Strategies for Growth
            Investment Strategies for Income
Risk Management
            Life Insurance – Term, Universal and Variable Life
            Disability Income Insurance
            Long – Term Care Insurance
Tax Management
            Tax Efficient Investment Management
            Tax Reducing Strategies
            Gain/Loss Harvesting Strategies
Retirement Planning
            Pre-retirement Analysis
            Post-retirement Analysis
            Pension Maximization Strategies
            Annuitization Strategies
            Estate Planning Analysis
Estate Planning
            Estate Planning Analysis           
            Trust Fund Management
            Estate-Tax Funding Strategies 
            Unique Gifting Strategies


Education Planning

            Cost Analysis
            Funding Strategies (529 plans, Education IRA’s, UGMA accounts)
Employee Benefits
            401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE IRA, and SEP IRA Plan Management
            Unique Employer Tax Reduction Strategies
            Risk Management Strategies